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Sakura Wood Studio is a new online store, offering first-rate products, new ideas and exceptional customer service to shoppers from the comfort of their own homes.  We are a business made up of innovators and forward thinkers, putting years of experience and passion into the exquisite things that we craft.

Join us for a Journey into Excellence!



Sorry for the delay in launching our inaugural giveaway. We have experienced many complications from typhoons, to product failures to equipment damage and supplier issues. We chose to take the time to sort these things out before focusing on marketing as we wanted to ensure that the products and service we give you is the best.

In honour of our participation in the Port Messe Mammoth Market in Nagoya on November 17 & 18 this year (2018) we will be launching our giveaway very soon. We have chosen to expand what we are giving away and the details will be published both here and on our Instragram page!

Feel free to follow us and give us a like over on Instragram: @sakura.wood.studio

As always, stay tuned… more exciting things are coming…

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