About Us

About Us

We are a family owned and run business. Coming from 3 different countries, we each bring to the table something different.

Our journey so far is an exciting and varied one and we are happy to share with you a little about who we are so you can join the story as it continues to unfold!

Mike & Miyuki


Mike’s history and experience includes extensive work on aircraft in an engineering role, including time spent working as a Field Representative for Mazak Laser Systems in the USA.

From learning his trade-craft working for the US Government, operating his own manufacturing business and working on the Flight Line for Boeing, he has learned and enjoyed many aspects of this exciting manufacturing and engineering field.

Now based in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, he spends his time doing our designs, metal engineering and machine shop work. He is the brains and the brawn behind our Laser Engraving, AutoCAD Design Studio and our workshop tools and maintenance.


As our resident Mum and Product Researcher, Miyuki has her hands full looking after two rambunctious and energetic boys. This gives her the opportunity to observe many areas of need for busy families and she brings these ideas to the mix.

Being Japanese, she has a unique insight into the products and materials that contribute to and reflect the Japanese element and flavour in many of our items.


Justin & Emi


From a young age, Justin has been hands on with many different forms of creative and practical skills. From renovating houses, rebuilding cars, designing and building electronic equipment, cabinetry and wooden products, his interests are wide and varied.

His background includes 10 years working for the Australian Government, some years spent in the Electronic Engineering Field in repairs and maintenance, Live Audio and Video Production, International Volunteer work as a Data Cabler and plenty of time spent in workshops and on building sites.

His experience in business, marketing, wood manufacturing processes and product design add another element to the team.


Emi is our new resident Mum! (The little one arrived in March 2018!) Her experience includes extensive international travel, community work, Business Studies and volunteering.

She has spent time working in Australia as a Barista (she loves Coffee!) and in improving her English. As part of that process she was working as a professional English / Japanese Translator for a large International Company in Nagoya prior to maternity leave.

She is also our resident Reflexologist, Aromatherapy and Essential Oils enthusiast, Internet Guru and Product Stylist and has a very keen eye for details.

The Team:

Together we contribute our passion for natural elements and interest in the environment to the products we choose to create and provide.

We love the things we make as much as you will and it is our hope that you will choose to enjoy what we have to offer!

See you in the Webshop soon!